I want my employees to be able to enter timesheets on a weekly rather than daily basis, is there a facility for this?

Yes, this can be useful for employees who tend to work on the same few projects for weeks at a time. Go to Settings–>Working Time/Reminders, and you will find an option “Allow Full Week’s Timesheet Entry At Once”. Select this box, and click “Save”. Employees will now have a new option in their navigation bar, “Full Week’s Timesheets”. Here they can enter the Client, Project and Activity they’ve been working on, and add the time for each day using a convenient drop down format. They can also pre-populate the form using last week’s Projects if they wish. This makes things a little easier for employees who work on the same projects for weeks at a time, as they can simply log their time to each day rather than entering each Client, Project, and Activity all over again.