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The easiest way to track employee and project time online

What is 1time?

1time is a web-based time and expense tracking application that allows you to easily keep track of the real cost of your projects both fixed-price and hourly billable.

How can 1time help us?

1time will reduce non-billable time in your company. Each employee gets their own login and reminders so you don't have to micro manage recording timesheets.

What our customers say ...

"Early in the year I evaluated approximately 20 time tracking systems for our company. We chose 1Time because we felt that it was extremely intuitive and provided the functionality that we required. Our company's time tracking has been drastically improved by 1Time."

Roland Mechler, Operations Manager, Pitney Bowes Marketing Services

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The Features
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Intuitive Design

With our intuitive desktop layout, filling out time sheets on-time every time is a hassle free experience for your employees.

Time can also be recorded in real-time via on/off timers.

1time timesheet and time tracking screenshot
Email reminders

Automated e-mail reminders to employees who have not entered their timesheets. This dramatically reduces the overhead of a timesheets system. Managers also receive weekly summary reports so there is a complete audit and review process with minimal fuss.

1time time tracking email reminders screenshot
Phone Access

Users can update and view their timesheets while out of the office via their phones. This works on almost all mobile devices.

1time time tracking email reminders screenshot
External Client Views

Optionally, give your clients access to this view so they can see how much time you have put into the project in real time or send it with invoice(s).

external client reporting
Client and Project reporting

Keep track of time and therefore cost on multiple Projects and multiple Clients.

1time time tracking reporting screenshot
Employee reporting

See on what Activities and with which Clients your employees are spending their time.

1time time tracking employee reporting screenshot
Employee utilization analysis

Find out which employees are maximizing their billable time and track the profitability of each.

1time time tracking employee utilization screenshot
Project budget & cost analysis

Identify at-risk projects early, know which projects are profitable and which are not before it's too late.

1time time tracking project budget and cost analysis
Basecamp integration

Import your clients and projects from Basecamp and send time report messages back to basecamp.

1time time tracking basecamp integration screenshot
Track holiday & absenteeism

Use 1time to assist in establishing patterns in employee behaviour.

1time timesheet holiday screenshot
Download timesheets & reports as spreadsheets

Use 1time report and data extract facility to create your own reports in Excel, Numbers or other software, or just to have an on-premise copy.

1time time sheet CSV and Excel exports screenshot
Project expense tracking

Track non-labour costs to see a true reflection of the cost of a project.

1time timesheet expense tracking screenshot

"Very impressed with the site. All my engineers love the site and are using the software and keeping up to date which is unprecedented. It also means that I save time and can do a report in a minute or two and even the MD is impressed with what I have produced for him so thanks very much."

Martin Sharp, Technical Project Manager, Pav IT Services