How can you Motivate your employees to fill in their Timesheets?

If you are having trouble getting your staff to fill in and submit their timesheets they may need a little motivation.  Many employers can get nervous when they hear the word motivation, as they believe it directly links to bonuses and pay rises. This is not always the case.


Here are some effective tips we found to motivate staff and get those important time sheets filled in and submitted on time:

  1. Don’t leave them waiting: you may be waiting for your staff to fill in their time sheets but are they waiting for you too? Ensure that you respond to any staff requests in a timely manner. If you do not keep them waiting, they wont keep you waiting either.
  2. Thank them: Every staff member who completes and submits their time sheets should get a personal thank you. If you are unable to thank them face-to-face then consider a personalized email, or even better, a hand written note.
  3. Timesheet lottery: You know what they say; you have got to be in it to win it. All members of staff who hand in their timesheets within a certain deadline will be automatically entered into the timesheet lottery. This means one big prize can be won monthly, but make sure the prize is a good one. Weekends away, an extra week of vacation time, a cash bonus, VIP tickets to an event, etc.
  4. Give them what they really want. We found this great video from Brazilian digital firm J. Walter Thomas where they filled a fridge with beer and treats. The treats are for all of the staff, but will only unlock once all the timesheets are submitted.




If free beer does not fit in with your company culture there are many other treats you can offer your employees, which get them exited about handing in timesheets at the end of the week:

  • Cupcakes and pastries
  • Free lunch on Fridays
  • Getting off work an hour early for the weekend
  • Casual dress day
  • An extra break

If you do your timesheet we will give you free beer (and soda too)

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Improved Project Search

As some of you might have noticed. We have update the project search on the right hand side of the dashboard. This small update allows you to quickly find a project by name. Just start typing and it will show you any projects that matches what you entered. It can be at the beginning middle or end.

I hope this helps, any feedback please let me know.

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So what time will you finish work tommorrow?

Just a few people are trained in information management, even fewer are trained in workload management. Yet every job in the world entails balancing a series of to-dos with the clock. Priority Management’s research with over 1,000,000 of our customers worldwide in best-practice productivity processes, shows that very few people have a realistic plan for each day. Most plans that we see are long lists of unprioritised tasks-more of a wish list than a plan.

Here is a quick check as to how your workload management processes compare to best practice. Firstly, think about where you presently keep all the things you have to do. How many of the following tools do you use each day? Notepad, paper to-do list, scraps of paper, post-it notes, whiteboard, piles on the desk, Inbox, electronic to-do list, diary, electronic calendar and your memory. No wonder we so quickly lose the plot and find ourselves working late.

Best practice demands just one place to plan (yes, that’s ONE). When our work is in one place then we have something we can manage and control.

Now we have consolidated our tasks into one location we have a process that will get you home on time!

  1. Write down all the things you need to do tomorrow in one place.
  2. Estimate how long it is going to take to get each item done. Total the time – does it fit into an 8 hour work day?
  3. Are you likely to be interrupted tomorrow? If so, how will that impact your work? It will most likely double the time it takes to accomplish your work. Ask yourself if you can still get the work done after the interruption time is added?
  4. Have you included time for lunch? What about travel time to and from your appointments? What about time to check your email? Remember that non-productive time for lunch, coffee breaks and checking email can easily add up to one-and-a-half hours.
  5. Now total the realistic time and block out your calendar. What time are you going home? Is it the time you want to go home?

Start today to develop the skills that will help you stay balanced and in control of your personal agenda. By developing essential skills such as personal organization, life/work balance and workload management you will improve every aspect of your life.

These tips were brought to you by our guest blogger Dermot Rice from Priority Management. We met recently to discuss time management and some of the great training services they offer to companies and individuals to better manage their time.

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Timesheets on your Mobile Phone

Now all users can add and view their 1time timesheets on their mobile phone.

Each employee can login, add/edit timesheets and record time off such as holiday or sick days. In order to access the 1time mobile edition just add ‘/m’ to the end of your 1time domain in a mobile web browser and login as normal (e.g. You’ll be presented with options to change the daily view and update your timesheets. Bookmark the page to make it really easy to add time from anywhere.

All changes on the mobile site are automatically synced with the main desktop web version. It works on almost all modern mobile phones including the iPhone, Nokia N-series, Blackberry and many more.

We are very excited about this new way for users to add and view their time on the go and we have more features on the way. If you have any feedback, please let us know in the comments below. If you haven’t got an account yet, sign up to our for the free trial and give it a try.

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External Client Views

We have just added a great new feature which will be very beneficial to those of you who bill out your time. We have created a new report external to the private administrator area that you can send to your client as a web page link, PDF or CSV file. This is an ideal way for a client to keep track of how much time is going into a project or it can be sent as a report at the end of a project as an attachment to an invoice. Either way this is going to streamline the process of reporting time spent on any billed projects to your client in a very professional manner.

You can find the link to the new report on any project view page. If you click on a specific project from the dashboard or from the relevant client page you will see a new link like the one here on the right.

The location of the report is secure (SSL) and the URL is scrambled so only a person you send the link to will know where to find it.

Within each project view the client will be able to view who has logged hours against their project and how much each day. It is also possible to download the report as a PDF or in CSV format and break it down by a specific month as seen the in the sample below.

If you have any questions on how to use the new feature or if you have any suggestions on how it works please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us through the comments below or on the feedback link at the bottom of each page within your 1time interface.

Sign-up for a 30 day free trial now! »

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Scheduled Email Reminders

We have upgrade the email reminders so you can choose what time of the day email reminders will be sent out at. You can now also determine how many email reminders are sent to remind employee’s each day.

Previously you could only turn email reminders on or off for a particular employee. If email reminders was set to on then that employee would get three reminders the next day until they filled out timesheets equivalent in time to the working day length set for your company.

You can now set the times of the day that reminders are sent out and how often.

This gives you more control and we hope you like the new add on.

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New Employee Weekly Summary Report

Now you can see the weekly report you used to get by email every Tuesday anytime from our new “Weekly Employee Report” screen. You can also traverse to previous weekly reports so you have historical data at hand.

Weekly Report


From this screenshot you can see how many hours each employee has worked each day or if they marked it as on holiday or sick. You will notice from the screenshots that an employee who has entered in the enough time for the working day shows up in green. If they haven’t entered in enough time it shows in red and allocated time off shows up in orange.

This is all part of the approval process, where by if there are any descrpencies you can contact the relevant person and request any updates.

Thats all for now, more updates to come soon.

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