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Announcement…..Try Out Our New Data Upload Feature

1Time Track now has the facility to allow you to upload data into the Time Tracking System. This allows you to upload new, current and historical data, in .xls or .xlsx form. You can also use this method to export data from other systems such as project management systems, exporting the data from those and […]

Enhance Your Customer Relationships Through 1Time Tracking

The Importance of Work Life Balance

Announcement….. Have You Noticed Our Brand-New Timesheet Approval Feature?

Approving your team’s timesheets has never been easier! How to set it up: In the Approvals or Time Off section, you can now select the option “‘Employees’ Time Entries Require Approval”. Once that is selected, an admin or team leader will need to approve the employees’ timesheets after they are entered. To Approve: You must […]

Announcement…..Try Out Our New Project Tasks Feature!

Tasks are defined steps of a project or activities (e.g. Planning, Design, Budget, Build, Inspect, Handover). Time-sheet entries can be booked against Project Tasks and costs can be monitored at this level. How to set it up for administrators? Administrators can go to Settings/Project Tasks and select the “Use Project Tasks“ option. If you have many […]

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How can you Motivate your employees to fill in their Timesheets?

Improved Project Search

So what time will you finish work tomorrow?

Timesheets on your Mobile Phone

Now all users can add and view their 1time timesheets on their mobile phone. Each employee can login, add/edit timesheets and record time off such as holiday or sick days. In order to access the 1time mobile edition just add ‘/m’ to the end of your 1time domain in a mobile web browser and login […]

External Client Views

Scheduled Email Reminders

New Employee Weekly Summary Report

Now you can see the weekly report you used to get by email every Tuesday anytime from our new “Weekly Employee Report” screen. You can also traverse to previous weekly reports so you have historical data at hand. From this screenshot you can see how many hours each employee has worked each day or if […]