What is Utilisation – How is it calculated

Utilisation is a measure of the Percentage of an Employee’s working hours that has been spent on billable activities.   It is shown on the main dashboard as a table of Employees ranked according to their utilisation All time/This Year/Last Month.   There is also a standard report (available on request) called “Annual Utilization by employee by month”.

Optionally you can specify that each Employee will receive a weekly email advising of their Utilisation.

Employee Billable Hours
——————————   x 100 =   Employee Utilization %
Standard Working Hours

Example for one week.

A given Employee works 9am-5pm with an hour for breaks (total 28 hours) except on Fridays where he/she finishes at 4pm (total 6 hours) amounting to a standard 34 working hours. The company effectively pays this employee for 34 hours.

In our example, the employee spent 38 hours in the office or working from home that week divided as follows:

  • Unbillable Administration : 10 hours
  • All Billable Client Work : 28 hours

The Utilisation percentage for this Employee for this week is 82.35% (28/35*100)