Group: Approvals and Time Off:

How do I approve timesheets?

To approve timesheets, go to the “Timesheets” tab in the navigation bar, and select the employee you would like to view from the drop down menu. You can approve all the week’s timesheets by clicking “Approve All”, or each day’s timesheets by clicking the check button beside each day. Clicking the “Approve All” button will …

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What does “Rollover Year” mean?

The “Rollover Year” button should be clicked at the beginning of the year (whatever date your annual leave allowances begin). This will rollover the remaining holidays from the previous year to the current year, and renew the annual leave allowance allocation of each employee. Before clicking this button, you should ensure all employees have entered …

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Who can Approve timesheets?

Administrators can approve any employee’s timesheets, and Team Leaders can approve the timesheets of their team members.