Setting up Flexitime for an Employee

1time (1timetracking.com) helps Employees and their Managers to keep track of Flexitime.

You can define which Employees have Flexitime arrangements, and 1time will then automatically maintain a balance of hours due by (-) or to (+) the Employee.  For any given day, the Flexitime balance adjustment is calculated as being: (Number of hours worked) – (Number of hours expected).

The Flexitime panel is shown on the “My Timesheets” or “Timesheets” page, it looks like this:

To start using it, go to Edit Employee view for each relevant Employee and complete these fields:

On a day that an Employee takes time off under the Flexitime scheme, no special timesheet entry or holiday indicator is required; the Employee simply enters a timesheet entry for any hours that he/she has worked (if any) that day, and the shortfall hours will simply be deducted from the Flexitime balance.