Group: Business Intelligence

Transparently Share timesheets with your Client – via portal

Timesheet reports can be produced on a weekly, monthly, or all-time basis for selected Clients and Projects, suitably designed to accompany invoices.  The Client Portal gives your client access to all timesheets relating to his projects only: on-screen, via Excel file, or in PDF format.

Reports and Spreadsheets

There is a variety of standard Reports available including: All Employees projects/activities for selected week Employee Time Summary (all employees, selected clients/projects) Time Summary by Month Employee breakdown by Projects and activities Client/Project breakdown by employees and activities Project List with Totals Project report (single project) summary and by week Annual Utilization by employee by …

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Project Profitability – Actual and Projected

At Project and Project Task Level you can focus on Project Profitability for example:   You can track Profitability and Projected Costs at the Project or Task level.  There are various online reports containing related content.