Top 5 Techniques to Keep You Focused at Work

19th April 2018
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In a world filled with immediate access to information, friends and colleagues, finishing off a good eight hours of work seems quite exhausting. Avoiding distractions, however, is not a Herculean task. Just like going to the gym every day, staying focused while at work is a matter of building good habits.

1. Set clear goals:

You should have clear goals in mind and you should be working steadily to meet those targets. This helps you avoid reacting to each distraction that comes your way. Look at your list every morning and realistically decide what tasks you can achieve that day. But always be concrete: “I’m going to complete the first two steps of this project by noon.”

2. Work in 60-90-minute blocks:

As we continue to work, our alertness levels drop, which increases the lure of distractions. You could perhaps set a time and take a small break at the end of every cycle. Reset your focus by listening to music, grabbing a snack or a coffee, or going for a short walk.

3. Turn off the world:

Let’s be real, the world is a distracting place. Temptations surround us all the time, but that’s why we need to avoid them. This includes emails, office phones, mobiles and your co-workers. This might require finding a quiet place away from your office to work – for instance, booking a conference room. If you need to, set up a system for urgent messages to reach you.

4. Schedule distractions:

Now distractions are not all bad, but you need them to work for you. You can use them as a reward for a solid hour’s work. Begin with distractions that are good for you, such as working out or having a chat with your friends. If social media is your thing, take some time off the schedule to post or browse other people’s updates. But always stick to the schedule. Always remember that you control the distractions.

5. Use technology:

From blocking out distracting websites to tracking how much time you spend browsing the internet, there are many tools out there that can help you stay focused. For instance, time tracking software’s are designed to help us become more efficient. Many people explore such tools because they want to become more productive at work.

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