How to Increase Employee Productivity

8th June 2018

Time management tools aren’t just about tracking your team’s hours and time sheets, they can significantly increase your employee’s levels of productivity, motivation and efficiency. Ultimately, it enables you stay on top of all your projects and get more done. Employees can also benefit from lower stress levels which are often associated with meeting tight deadlines.
Client billing
Time management tracking not only highlights areas of concern in terms of project efficiency but also any factors that have a drain on limited resources. This is particularly beneficial when it comes to billing for client hours. Time spent on each project can be easily monitored and billed against each project accordingly, whether they are fixed price or hurly billed – tracking the real cost and profitability of all your projects. It can also flag any staff members that may be struggling to deliver client results on any given project.
Focus on what matters the most
Time racking allows you to keep your employee’s priorities in check by showing what and how long they work on each task, meaning less time is wasted.
Additionally, it also acts as a huge motivational tool for staff. Visually seeing your progression creates positive pressure to achieve goals within a set timeframe. It gives employee’s a greater feeling of control over their time and puts in place milestones for the completion of tasks and projects.
Get more done
Many of us avoid tasks that we dread and eventually things can catch up with us, especially when we don’t finish tasks on time. With a time management tool in place, businesses can avoid employee procrastination and unfished tasks by focusing on activities there and then.
Taking on too much
A lot of us often have a hard time saying no and can take too much on, even when we already have enough on our plates. This can lead to many of us feeling overwhelmed, resulting in poor performance. Or you might be guilty of micro-managing your employee’s, or you insist on doing all the important tasks yourself because you don’t trust your team to do it correctly or completed on time.

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