How to Encourage Your Employees to Track their Time

5th February 2018

So, you want to begin using a time tracking software for your business, but are you unsure as to how you should go about selling this idea to your staff? Are you worried that they might not be particularly convinced about using a time tracking software?

Generally speaking, employees may not be too fond of filling in their timesheets. Many people find it quite time-consuming or perhaps, a chore. More often than not, employees tend to delay or procrastinate when it comes to filling in their timesheets, leaving it towards the end of the day. At that stage, all their daily tasks become clouded and they often actually forget what they did throughout the day, causing unnecessary pressure. There are many reasons why employees dislike the concept of tracking their time, but there are ways for you as a project manager to help them.

Let’s go through some of the ways you can motivate your employees to track their time and improve their productivity.

  1. Communicate the benefits: Your employees might genuinely not be aware of the benefits of time tracking. It’s up to you as a project manager to communicate what the benefits of time tracking are and why it’s crucial for the sustainability of the business. You need to establish trust with your staff and you also need to lead by example, so make sure you’re sticking to good management practices.
  2. Training & Guidelines: You need to make sure that your employees are properly trained on how to operate the time tracking software. You need to also set clear guidelines in place and make sure that the correct projects are set up. It must be super clear and simple for your staff to follow. Sometimes your staff will simply nod their heads just to get you off their back, but you need to gauge whether your employees really understand how to operate the tracking system and that they’re fully comfortable with it.
  3. Reward for Accurate Tracking: Positive reinforcement is key. It’s actually a very important psychological tool. So, when you reward somebody for positive behaviour, they’re more likely to repeat that behaviour in the future. It’s important for you as a manager to reward and provide incentives to your staff who are following correct procedures. You can also go a step further and introduce competitions and leaderboards on your office walls to compare employees to their colleagues to see who is the most disciplined. Healthy competition does go a long way!

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