How Do I Keep My Team Focused?

10th November 2020


Getting a project completed in an effective manner is a team effort. As project manager how do we keep our team focused and on track? We will look at a few methods to ensure that the time spent by your team on any project is productive and time efficient.

Keep a group to-do list

Everyone has their own methods of keeping track of the tasks they must complete. Diaries, calendars, sticky notes are just some examples of ways individuals use. However, for teams it is important that there is a group to-do list. Visible to everyone involved, whether this be physical or digital it should be accessible by everyone and be monitored and updated regularly.

Focus on less

Trying to complete everything all at once is asking to fail. Prioritise your projects, selecting some task critical tasks and succeed. Consider the Pareto Principle focusing on 20% of the work to generate 80% of the results. Taking on too many tasks causes teams to become scattered when goals are specific it is easier to focus.

Keep track of what your team spends it time with using 1Time. Help get a clear overview of where exactly your time is investing its time and if it is the most effective way of doing so.

Keep Priorities Simple

Getting projects started requires careful planning, by having a plan gives you a better chance at success. However, with planning comes the danger that is over-planning. Too many details, confusing and overwhelming your team. You have wasted your team spent preparing and the time your team has spent following an over complicated plan only to find it did not work.

Outline your measures of success and how you will keep track of them. Divide your timelines into “short”, “medium”, and “long term”. Outline the goals you need to achieve in each of these periods, it is important to monitor your goals and be flexible if they require change.

  • Short goals are set for due dates within one month.
  • Medium Term are for items between 1-3 months. These will become short terms goals.
  • Finally, long term goals are set for due dates longer than 3 months out they will form a pool of goals to draw from and become short and medium as the project goes on.

Use Meetings Effectively

Meetings can oftentimes take away from organisational focus. Taking your team away from the work that needs to be done is not an effective way of spending time. There are ways to ensure your meeting is utilizing meetings effectively:

1.     Only Meet When Necessary

How many times have you sat in a meeting, come to an end and realise that the entire thing could have been sent via an email? A meeting should only be called if completely necessary.

2.     Set Hard Time Limits

Set time limits for your meetings, shorter meetings can be more effective when you filter in arriving and leaving times, hour long meetings can take ninety minutes from an individual’s day. As well as this attention spans rarely last for long meetings, consider 15- or 30-minute meetings. Remember to track meeting times too!

3.     Be Prepared for Meetings

Ask people to prepare for meetings follow an agenda and use the time effectively. Provide individuals with an agenda and any information they require before the meeting, so no time is wasted while the team meets.

Is your team using its time effectively? Keeping track of time is a great way of increasing focus amongst teams. Try using 1Time to get a clear understanding if your team is investing its time wisely. Take a look at how focused your team is and try using some of the tactic discussed above to examine their productivity. If you would like to see for yourself the benefits of 1Time you can avail of our 30day free trial by following the link.

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