The best of 2019 and 2020

19th December 2019

2019 was an interesting year, it was the final year of the decade which began the 21st century. As we wind down for the Christmas season it is a great time to reflect on the best of the previous year and set our sights on a successful 2020. The best way to remember the year past is to focus on the uplifting news from around the world.

  • In Holland hundreds of bus stops were covered in flowers and plants as “Green Roofs” to provide a place for bees to take refuge.
  • Canada created an Artic conservation area almost the same size as Germany. It was created to protect the polar bears, whales and sea birds.
  • Rice farmers around the world are learning to use ducks to feed on the insects which would harm the rice. The use of the ducks means the farmers don’t need to use harmful pesticides.
  • Italy to become the first country in the world where every child in every level in school will be required to study climate change and sustainability.

Most of the wonderful news from around the world is focused on sustainability and the environment. This is a trend that will continue in 2020, people are taking notice of socially responsible and irresponsible companies. CEO Larry Fink told executives that his firm will take social responsibility into account when allocating funds. 1Time Tracking is doing its part to help companies become more socially responsible. Time management, reporting and budget can be entirely paperless. With intuitive design and mobile access, employees and clients can manage and record their time digitally. Client reporting and project reporting can be internal or client facing. This saves time, money and even better, the planet.

For the coming year according to entrepreneur.com “going green is picking up steam” This year McDonalds waved goodbye to plastic straws and foam coffee cups. Coca Cola improved the classic bottle to be up to 30% plant-based and 100% recyclable bottle. For the foreseeable future this will be a trend that will be very interesting to follow.

Another trend for 2020 is AI and machine learning. Artificial-intelligence is continuing to progress in leaps and bounds. According to Liad Agmon CEO of Dynamic Yield,

“Board rooms and C-suites of the world’s largest B2C brands have turned their focus onto personalization and AI-driven customer experiences, yet they are struggling to bring their vision into reality. This is due to departmental structures (and politics), aging technology infrastructures, and a lack of senior and mid-level managers who can articulate business needs and translate them into technological solutions. Because such a transformation is critical to their survival, we’ll see increased emphasis and risk-taking on creating the customer experience of the future”—

This quote summarizes perfectly the two worlds that AI must operate in. The first world is a legacy of management and offices that have remained unchanged for too long. Bad habits, poor infrastructure and an aging senior staff are all part the legacy of old-world office that AI will need to adapt to. A world away, companies like google, Facebook and many more modern start-ups, the environment is entirely different.  Modern and dynamic systems are in place to maximize ant optimize efficiency.  1Time aims to help support the 2020 aims of every company.  It will reduce non-billable time in your company. Each employee receives reminders so you don’t have to micro-manage the completion of timesheets. Our offices may not be run by robots just yet, but that doesn’t mean we can’t maximize the use of technology in 2020.

It is clear to see how implementing a time management software such as 1Time Tracking will benefit your productivity and workflow. 1Time is available online, so no matter where you are located, you can access it anywhere, at any time. So, if you are considering a time tracking software solution, why not try our free 30-day trial 1Time Tracking today.


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