The Distraction Trap

27th September 2018

More often than not, we can feel overwhelmed by the daily distraction faced at work. Do you frequently have a nagging feeling as you leave the office each evening that you’ve forgotten a critical task?

The Distraction Trap

The distraction trap is something that can cause stress and cost us if we fail to deliver a task or project. Even when we have several deadlines to meet, it can seem that our workplace is designed to distract us from the tasks in hand.

We often feel the need to check our emails as soon as they arrive, even if they’re not particularly important. Many companies have an instant messaging platform that can also be a source of distraction as can our smartphones and the tracking of social media.

It can be difficult to identify the areas that take up our time and do not prove to be as productive as we’d like to be. That’s why so many companies are turning to a time tracking solution to better manage their day to day activities.

1Time Tracking

Fortunately, 1Time’s Tracking management software solution enables employees and managers to be as productive as possible by tracking how their time is spent. It enables you to view what your time is spent on and where time is lost.

Tracking your time means that you can prioritize your tasks so you make smarter decisions while improving your workflow. It’s easy to manage timesheets  which means you always know what’s outstanding so you have peace of mind at the end of each day knowing that you’ve accomplished the day’s tasks.

1Time is available online, so no matter where you are located, you can access it anywhere, at any time. So, if you are considering a time tracking software solution, why not try our free 30-day trial 1Time Tracking today.


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