Tips on Saving Some Time When Busy

24th February 2016

how to save some time when your busy

We all get bogged down and snowed under from time to time. Each of us will have our own ‘time robbers’. Sometimes external factors outside of our control come along and soak up our time. While some of us cannot help this, it is important to have a few tricks up our sleeves when it comes to those busier periods!

  • Spread your work load into time units – e.g. blocks of 30minutes and set mini goals for each time unit.
  • If you have a more tedious task on your hands, break it up into smaller sections and spread this over a period of time.
  • Only concentrate on the task you have in front of you.
  • Learn to set realistic expectations with both your peers and clients.
  • Likewise, make realistic agreements.
  • When you need to concentrate, remove yourself from any distractions
  • If you are delegating any tasks, make sure to give goals/targets for completion. Also, review this work frequently.
  • If you are coming across any difficulty, deal with it sooner rather than later.

Keeping tabs on how long different tasks or projects take you to do each day is also a valuable way to saving time. Once you start to fill in a time sheet, you be surprised how long some tasks might be taking you to do. When you are conscious of this, it can tend to make you procrastinate less but also, can help you plan better!

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