Top tips to becoming an Entrepreneur

17th February 2020

An entrepreneur is a businessperson who is an innovator, he or she is a source of new ideas. Entrepreneurs play a key role in the modern economy. The use their skill, experience and initiative to bring these ideas to market. There are several characteristics that many entrepreneurs share. Creativity is an important part of generating fresh new ideas. They like to think outside of the box and look for opportunities and new solutions. 1Time Tracking a compiled a list of the top tips to becoming an entrepreneur.

Find the right idea for you

Being an entrepreneur is difficult to define, entrepreneurship can cover many areas. Finding an area to focus your creative energy could be the first step. Once you’ve identified a solution or service that you know you will be passionate about you are on your way to success. Starting you own business is a lot of work, it’s to work with something you are truly passionate about.

Plan for success

A business plan is the starting point for any new idea. It is a document that is used is secure funding. In the business plan there must be an explanation of the products and/or services. It must also contain details on finances, operations and work force structure. According to Greg Fisher at the Kelly School of Business the components required for a business plan are.

  1. An executive summary
  2. Industry insight
  3. A general company description
  4. Your business strategy
  5. A marketing plan
  6. Your team
  7. A financial plan
  8. An operational plan
  9. An appendix
  10. A table of contents

Find your target demographic

Every new business needs to know its customer. Who your demographic is, determines many of the early decisions of your new business? It can decide where you set up or even if you need a physical address. Extensive research to determine which group fits your business, then aim to attract that group to your business.


Networking is a very important part of doing business. However, for entrepreneurship is even more important. There are many ways to network, using social media such as twitter and LinkedIn are valuable first steps. Conferences and networking events are for finding potential investors in your field. Reaching out to organizations designed to help start up companies provide you with valuable information and resources.

 Time is precious

As an entrepreneur time is valuable, there might be long hours on the path to success, but clever use of time is the best approach. The old saying work smart not hard is an appropriate one. 1Time helps to maximize productivity and reduce non-billable time. Its easy to manage and control with outstanding timesheets. In the early days of a start up its important to be organized. 1Times Project Tasks solutions offer a more granular control of selected projects and then monitors costs and profitability.

It is a common piece of career advice to delegate wisely. 1Time Tracking can bring your business together with its individual view and team view, on desktop or mobile. Entrepreneurs are busy people so we made 1Time easy to implement and it can integrate with other APPs. Try our free trial see for yourself how 1Time can help you in your business goals. https://1timetracking.com/

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