5 Misconceptions About Time Tracking

19th June 2019

Timesheets, and why you’ve got to learn to love them. As William Penn said, “time is what we want most, but what we use worst”; tracking it basically empowers us to get greater quality from it. Let’s start by addressing main misconceptions about time tracking:


“Timesheet does not reflect the value of every day work I do.”

Nobody is saying that your value solely depends on what you record on your timesheet. That’s a common misconception. Time tracking simply gives and overview of how the time is being spent and it doesn’t determine your overall performance. Timesheets are more of a helping tool to help you realise how long you’ve spent on a task.


“I always forget to log time.”

Simply automate it. 1Time tracking, for example, where each employee receives reminders about recording their time – nobody has to micro-manage the completion of timesheets. You will always know about outstanding timesheets, time-off and this would simply become and action you don’t ever have to remember each time.


“Tracking time doesn’t give me freedom.”

Time tracking doesn’t exist so your boss can micro-manage you or make wild guesses of your complete working performance. Time efficiency doesn’t translate easily from task to task or person to person as each project has to be viewed in its unique context.


“Why don’t we just sell weeks instead of hours?”

Great, whatever works for the business. Be that as it may, despite everything you’re selling your worth as an addition of time. Time tracking doesn’t need to be at a second level, however it’s helpful to see how you invest the energy on an assignment – whatever the measure.


“Time tracking is only made for my employer.”

Actually, if you are striving for improvement in your job it can give you insight to where you need more support and perhaps understand your own working habits and behaviours. You would have a more accurate feedback on your productiveness. This goes for your downtime as well. Once you are aware of how you’re spending your time, you can ultimately get more value out of it.


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