Juggling Too Many Tasks

27th June 2019

Juggling with too many tasks can lead to wasted time.

Multitasking has become such a normal part of our everyday lives. We multitask at work, at home and even on our daily commute. We multitask so much with our phones, that it may be killing our productivity at work. According to new CareerBuilder research, 1 in 5 employers (19 percent) think workers are productive less than five hours a day. When looking for a culprit, more than half of employers (55 percent) say that workers’ mobile phones/texting are to blame.

Phones are attached to our sides, as they allow us to multitask more than ever before. Hearing that familiar tone alerting you to a text or email, can break your concentration. Interrupting focus long enough to think about all of the tasks we perform on our phones. Some of those tasks can include, reminder lists, paying a bill, checking your calendar and wishing a friend a happy birthday.

It is easy to run your life from a smart phone, but does everything need to be done right NOW? Rome wasn’t built in a day and a life can’t be lived through a phone. Being focused and fully aware of the task at hand can be easy with 1Time Tracking Individual View. Automated Reminders can keep you on target with your own preplanned timeline.

All things considered, awareness is key. Remember to be present in the moment, juggling too many tasks can take longer and be less rewarding. It is clear to see how implementing a time management software such as 1Time Tracking will benefit your productivity and workflow. 1Time is available online, so no matter where you are located, you can access it anywhere, at any time. So, if you are considering a time tracking software solution, why not try our free 30-day trial 1Time Tracking today.

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