Working From Home Tips

1st October 2020

Working From Home Tips

In the midst of the global pandemic, we have come to find “new normals” in many aspects of life, one major change the global workforce is coming to terms with is remote working. Many of us no longer undertake the daily commute like we used to, instead we are settling into home offices and doing our days work from our own homes. Surveys have found that working from home can result in higher productivity levels. One Stanford study found that workers productivity increased by 13% over 7 months, another survey found 77% of employees claimed they were more productive at home vs an office environment. Today we are going to look at ways you can replicate this rise in productivity while we work from home, so read on and see how you can be more productive! 

  • Create a dedicatedorganised workspace 

While this one may seem obvious it is vitally important. Setting up a dedicated workspace in your home maintains the feeling of “going to work”. If your remote working is long term it may be wise to invest in a desk and comfy chair. It is important to keep your workspace organised. A clear desk will help you keep a clear head. Tidy it up at day’s end to ensure you are ready to go for the morning after! 

  • Make a To-Do List or Schedule for your day 

This one is down to preference; some people may prefer to list out all the tasks they need to do throughout the day and tick them off as they go along others might like to outline what they need to do and assigning time throughout the day to each. 

When making a to-do, try beginning with small quick tasks to get off to a good start and move onto larger, harder task as the day goes on. 

A schedule can be different for each individual person, some people might start their day off with breakfast, stretch for a few minutes and move onto work, for others it might be a shower, coffee and run. Whatever you do make sure to allocate enough time to yourself throughout the day.   

  • Finish work! 

While this might sound like an odd one to you, of course we will finish working. What I mean is set a time to finish work. When working remotely it can be hard to switch off, particularly if you are self-employed. Even if you are an employee those few hours over time before bed might sound like a good idea but they can be counterproductive. We need rest, so make sure you turn that laptop at least two hours before bed to relax and recharge! 

  • Get “Ready” for work in the morning 

Getting ready for work in the morning can help you get ready for the day. Whether that means getting a shower and getting dressed for work as normal, making or going out to grab a coffee or simply going for a walk before you start to replicate the trip to work. Avoid rolling out of bed and logging straight onto your laptop or computer, it will help to make you more productive from the start of the day.   

  • Take breaks from your desk 

It is important to ensure you allow yourself to have some time throughout the day to get away from your screen. Make a cup of tea, stretch, walk up and down the stairs, walk around when you are on the phone. In an office situation you would leave your desk to complete tasks such as photocopying, perhaps to ask a colleague a question. At home you do not undertake these little tasks, so it is important to make sure you get up and move. It will help you be more focused on your return to your desk as well as being good for your posture and general health to move around.  

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