Don’t panic, plan

6th August 2019

Don’t panic, plan.

Planning is a vital part of a successful business. When a business has a plan to follow, employees and managers are better prepared to prepare for the future. 1Time Tracking’s Very Easy Timesheet Entry allows every employee to track and plan their time.

According to the Harvard Business Review “The short-term is the daily managerial grind of fire-fighting and solving problems.” This raises the very interesting question of short-term and long-term goals. Another interesting part of planning are the medium-term goals. Many large companies such as Ford, Lego and IBM effectively use medium term planning for their benefit. This demonstrates the power of planning for a period of time longer than a quarter but shorter than the infinite time of long-term goals.

Which plan is right for you?

A company’s plan or business strategy usually has a vast amount of organizational or functional plans. Each department may have a short-term, medium-term or even a long-term plan of their own. Like a Russian nesting doll set, plans within plans can be difficult to manage. 1Time Tracker has Project Tasks for more granular control of selected projects. Combined this with team view and shared view you can effectively manage all plans and goals across a company of any size.

The Benefits of an effective plan

Employees can only manage so many projects at one time. Having a plan to guide the direction of the company allows managers to delegate projects for employees to work on that make the most sense to meet the aims of the business.

When a company has a well thought out plan in place, management is better able to handle insecurity. Plans can be created to handle possible future situations. Proper preparation can be the key to staying afloat during hard times.

Proper planning allows management to expand the business. With a plan in place, management can examine the strengths, weakness, opportunities and threats of the company. This allows company managers to create a road map to success.

It is clear to see how implementing a time management software such as 1Time Tracking will benefit your productivity and workflow. 1Time is available online, so no matter where you are located, you can access it anywhere, at any time. So, if you are considering a time tracking software solution, why not try our free 30-day trial 1Time Tracking today.

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