Work life balance (how to get the best out of your day at work and at home)

18th July 2019

What makes a company a great place to work?

Research shows what makes people the happiest in their jobs. The WorkHappy Index was a research project that interviewed over 4,000 employees in the UK and the US. They found that the biggest factor which makes employees happy in these countries, is work life balance.  In the UK 47% of employees valued work life balance whereas 43% of US employees valued feeling busy and productive, with work life balance coming in a close second.

Who benefits from a good work life balance?

People need time away from work to focus on the things that really matter to them. Friends, family and hobbies are an important part of a rich and fulfilled life. A good balance allows people to participate in family life and community development. It also allows people to nurture friendships and develop their skills and talents outside of the work environment. An added benefit of a great work life balance is lower turnover and absenteeism as well as increased productivity over time.

Work life balance is essential to both employers and employees because of the number of benefits it offers. Therefore, more employers are making use of best practices to achieve this much needed balance to their employees.

How to achieve work life balance.

Take a moment to think about how you work. Finding work life balance that works for you is more than taking a class or spending more time with your family. It’s about your state of mind and the way you think about work. Map out what your priorities are and what you would like to achieve personally and professionally. It helps to make a timeline of achievable goals for your workday and for the long term. You can use the easy to set up 1Time Tracking Calendar and Working hour features to plan for a better work life balance today.

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