Going The Extra Mile

18th December 2018

In the workplace, your mannerisms are crucial to the behaviour of your staff. If you are pushing yourself to go the extra mile, your staff and colleagues will pick up on this behaviour and follow suit. But overburdening yourself with a busy workload can increase the chances of tasks not meeting their deadline or worse, the chance of being forgotten.

How can you go the extra mile?

If you are pushing yourself to work at a rate of 200% all the time, you are bound to eventually crash due to exhaustion and stress. Unfortunately, this can lead to work not being completed, which means you will be taking one step forward and two steps back. There is an easier way to push yourself by keeping track of your time in a more efficient manner which is more beneficial to you and your business.

Boosting your productivity will show your staff and colleagues that you are pushing yourself that extra mile. Businesses know this and wish to help their staff boost their productivity by implementing time tracking solutions, so that management and staff can keep track of their workload.

1Time Tracking

How can 1Time’s Tracking management software benefit your business? Well 1Time Tracking will allow you and your staff to have a clear view of their time and workload and which project they are scheduled to work on. This gives you a plan to work from and enables you to boost your overall productivity. If you are to go over on the time spent on a specific task, this will be made evident to you when reviewing your time sheets so that you know so that time will not be taken away from the wrong projects time.

If you are managing a group of staff working on a specific project, 1Time Tracking will allow you to keep track of your team’s performance based against the time spent on the project. This will allow you to manage your team at a more personal level which can allow you to address any issues that a member of your team may be having.

1Time is available online, so no matter where you are located, you can access it anywhere, at any time. So, if you are considering a time tracking software solution, why not try our free 30-day trial 1Time Tracking today.

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