New Year’s Resolution: How to be on time?

8th January 2019

Do you ever find yourself or your staff being persistently late?

When it comes to New Year’s Resolutions for businesses and professionals, punctuality is at the top of the list. Nobody bears a grudge if you are just five minutes late, nevertheless, you know when lateness makes people annoyed. We were all late for work at least once, but for some of us punctuality can be a real challenge.  It’s time to take some action. There are few strategies which can help you improve your timekeeping.


Imagine lateness as a bad routine you’ve put yourself in and want to get out of it. Whether it is a minor annoyance such as biting your nails, or something more serious such as oversleeping and then work to change that routine. Humans are creatures of habit, therefore being on time is just a matter of changing the routine of being late to being on time.


In order to be on time, find out how long things take. A lack of present awareness is another cause for being late. Think about how long it takes to get from A to B, especially if it’s nearby and plan accordingly. If you do all the morning prep the night before, it gives you a better chance on being on time the next day. Quite often and without realising we get absorbed in what we are doing and don’t check the time before we leave. Do you always remember your deadlines without any reminders? It takes some will-power and prioritising to carry out perfect timekeeping.



Take your timekeeping to a whole new level

Every person has a different learning curve when it comes to performing a job, and the same goes for work ethic. Someone would only need a subtle reminder and others would benefit from a more structured guidance. For more information on how 1Time Tracking can help you with this try our free 30-day trial on 1Time Tracking. You can choose from any user base package with no credit card requirements. Try it today!

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