Horizon 2020 Part 2 Funding

4th December 2019

Horizon 2020 upcoming projects are funded by the European Union. There are different funding rates for different areas of industry. For innovation actions, funding covers 70% of costs, but may increase to 100% for non-profit organisations. Projects involving funding also involve reporting. 1Time Tracking has Client Facing Reporting which generates clear reports that are ready to share. Integration allows you to import and synchronise data from other applications, allowing enhanced visibility across multiple platforms.


Funding for a UK coordinated joint research project has tackled healthy eating. This EU funded project is aiming to improve our understanding of food choices. The goal is to arm policy makers with the information that they need to guide people into making healthier food choices. This project falls under the category of Health and Life Sciences: Public Health. Funding overall total costs were €12,370,204 EU contribution to the project was €8,984,471. As an innovation action, the funding covered approximately 70% of the overall spend.

Another well-funded research project was led by the Imperial College London and participated in by India, Sri Lanka, Netherlands, Finland and Pakistan. The project acronym is iHealth-T2D and the aim of the project is to prevent type 2 diabetes. The focus of the trials conducted by iHealth-T2D was on South Asians. Trials were conducted in India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and the United Kingdom. Large amounts of data were gathered and processed in the hope to prevent the onset of diabetes in the Asian population. Medical trials with individual volunteers have a 4-year timeline. At the end of the 4-year timeline conclusions were made using the data generated by the medical trials.


Projects which deal with a large volume of data can be daunting. 1Time has a project task feature which can offer granular control of selected projects. Managing large amounts of data can be kept on track when you don’t need to worry about staying on the projected timeline of the project. Funding for the iHealth-T2D was also completely covered by EU funding. The total cost of the project was €4,968,252 and EU contribution was €4,955,877 the reason for the almost complete funding is because this project was run as a non-profit organization.


Collaboration was the key ingredient for the solar-thermal electricity project. The countries that were involved in this renewable energy sources industrial research project were numerous. Australia, Belgium, China, Spain, Cyprus, France, Germany, Italy, Switzerland and many others all worked together to reach their project goals. The Paris Agreement in relation to climate change inspired the research into solar thermal concentration techniques. The project explored solar intensity for producing power and fresh water simultaneously. This endeavor brought together over 43 partners. Many of these partners came from varied fields such as national agencies, solar energy institutes and specialist organisations. The funding for this project fell under the category of industrial research and innovation. Total spend was €21,134,658 and EU contribution was €9,99,207.


1Time Tracking can allow you to boost your collaboration across the company. Available on desktop and mobile with team view and secure client access, multi office and multi country projects are easier than ever. You can try 1Time for free for 30 days to see for yourself how effect it is https://1timetracking.com/pricing/

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