How to manage remote employees?

27th March 2019

How to manage remote employees?

Common practices in the office don’t always translate well to remote employees. Why? The main reason for this is because friendships and personal connections at work really matter. So how do we manage remote workers effectively? Managing people remotely can feel like a very different experience. Connection and collaboration are two main elements which help your off-site workers feel part of the team. So, if you can manage this, then you’re doing it right.

There are 4 great tips on how to manage your remote employees:

On-boarding and Transparency

On-boarding is especially important for remote employees. As a manager and leader, be transparent. Get them involved in all aspects of the business, share your company’s vision and objectives and set clear expectations. It’s important to be open and show that you care, as well as truly understand their motivations. Taking the time to be transparent will also encourage your employees to work harder for you.

Virtual Meetings

When you don’t get to see your colleagues in the office every day, virtual meetings come in very useful, especially when half of human communication is proven to be non-verbal. Video tells you a lot more than an audio/chat will ever reveal about your employee.

One to One

Never cancel one to one meeting. One on one meetings provide a great opportunity to make up for missed time in the office. It’s important to give feedback and discuss any updates that would naturally spread across the office.  Face to face yearly meetings are also important for remote workers. With so much to cover, nothing replaces getting together face to face to meet peers in person and make the connections. Once employees hear their peers being honest about real topics, they’re more likely to jump in with their own thoughts.

Tracking Time

It can be difficult for a manager to know if an employee is working, when they are working remotely. Some remote workers might take advantage, because they don’t have someone looking over their shoulder. There is a way to track and monitor how much time your employees are working by using time tracking software.


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