How to Get Employees to Fill in Their Timesheets

9th April 2019

It’s a well-known fact, that employees don’t like to fill in timesheets. The reason being, is simply the lack of awareness of timesheet importance. Let’s look at how timesheets can benefit companies and how to convince salaried employees to fill in their timesheets.

Getting employees to fill in their timesheets means asking them to establish a new habit or correct a bad one. We know that it is notoriously difficult to create a new habit, in fact it takes 21 days to establish it. Particularly, if one has an impression that timesheets don’t have any discernible benefits.

Be clear through the onboarding process or company’s meetings and make sure that employees understand their timesheet importance. Filling in timesheets will help to monitor work, budget, project progress, and wages. However, to be able to perform transparent reports, your employees must fill in timesheets on a regular basis, preferably, every day. Every day submissions should be simple and flexible to log, for example:

  • Group items such as company meetings, training and HR related queries into a single “internal” category. If possible, limit the number of time tracking items to a minimum. This way your reports will be simplified and much easier for employees to log their time
  • Remove as many manual processes as possible. Automated time tracking will save countless hours of timesheet related administrative work. This will potentially reduce human error in each submission, no matter where your employees are located.


Tracking Software

There is a way to track and monitor how much time your employees are working by using time tracking software. If you wish to learn more about a time tracking software, try our free 30-day trial on 1Time Tracking. You can choose from any user base package with no credit card requirements. Try it today!

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