The Importance of Work Life Balance

15th June 2018

Are you usually one of the last people to leave the office every evening and the first in each morning? If so, you’re not alone. Achieving a good balance in your life can often be a difficult task. Juggling work and family commitments can leave us feeling anxious, run down and stressed. Studies reveal that employees who spend more time in the office and less time at home are more likely to develop stress related illnesses.


Decide What’s Important

Identifying the most important tasks stops you blindly reacting to what’s urgent or prevents us from “dropping any balls”.  You’ll also make better decisions, save time and make better use of resources. Employees are also more committed when decisions are made when using a logical, informed and fair process.


Schedule Time for Important Tasks

Scheduling your time means you are more likely to achieve and prioritise the most important tasks for the week/month ahead. Spending time with key clients (professional) can be just as important as scheduling time for exercise (personal).

Planning may require our initial discipline but it can really pay off. It enables us to prioritize the most important tasks and may involve to saying “No” to things you currently say “Yes” to. All to often we say “Yes” to things to please others but at our own expense.


Review Your Activities Regularly

Things don’t often remain the same and changes are imminent. One of the most important things we can do on a regular basis is review how we spend our time and review our progress. Not only does it ensure that you don’t let things slide but it can also help spark new ideas and start new projects, both professionally and in our personal life.

 1time’s online tracking software can help businesses achieve a positive work/life balance and keep employees happy and healthy while maintaining productivity levels and supporting growing profits. It allows you to easily track and manage your and time more effectively, so you know how each hour of every day is spent.

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