Enhance Your Customer Relationships Through 1Time Tracking

11th July 2018

Time is money and for every minute that goes unrecorded against client projects, is lost revenue for your business. If your staff are relying on sticky notes, spreadsheets or the timer on their mobile phone to strategically monitor the amount of time spent on tasks, then accurate billing might be a problem for your company. Unfortunately, for many businesses, a surmountable amount of time is lost due to the poor tracking of project time.

Keeping Your Customers Happy

With the use of a detailed time tracking software solution, you can provide your customers with real insights into the work you’ve performed for them. It also helps build trust with your customers because it assures them that you are using their budget in a timely and accurate manner.

Gone are the days when you could provide your customers with a rough or an estimated bill for the work you carried out for them. Customers now want a detailed report of the hours worked and the tasks you have performed for the money they are paying you.

1Time Tracking Software

Working alongside 1Time’s Tracking Software makes sure that nothing gets missed because the more you track, the more likely you are you get paid for the projects carried out, with precision and accuracy. Each employee receives regular reminders about logging their time so that every task that is conducted during the day can be captured.

No more outstanding timesheets for you to chase and you no longer miss out on a moment of work!

Additionally, 1Time have a great feature which enables you to bill out your time to your customers. The new tool means you can run a report for your client as a webpage link, PDF or CSV file and attach it to an invoice.

Within each project view, it gives you the option to see who has logged hours against each individual project for each day, which ultimately streamlines your billing and reporting process for a professional, financial time management solution.

Don’t just take my word for it, why not see it for yourself by taking out our free 30-day trial on 1Time Tracking? You can choose from any user base package with no credit card requirements. Try it today!

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