Manage Your Time

29th January 2021

Manage Your Time

Here at 1time, we take great pride in helping businesses better manage their time. Over the years we have picked up some invaluable information and so to help start 2021 off on the right foot we decided to offer some simple, straightforward advice and tips to better manage your time in the coming year.  So, in no particular order, we give you our 5 top tips to manage your time in 2021.

Plan Your Day

A few minutes planning in the morning gives your workday direction. Outline exactly what you want to accomplish in the day and when you are going to undertake each task. Prioritize tasks of high importance, instead of dwelling on every little task you have to complete, focus on the important ones! To-Do lists are a great tool, with everything written down in front of you it is easier to keep your focus on tasks throughout the day.

Know Your Work Habits

Everyone has their own “best” time of the day, maybe a 10 am coffee is your shortcut to productivity or perhaps you come in fully refreshed after lunch. Know your habits and plan to get the day’s toughest task when you’re most likely to be in “flow”. With the good comes the bad, if you have a certain time where you know you will not be firing on all cylinders, plan for it! Pick an easy task and complete in this time, the satisfaction of completing a task during your “worst” time of the day might just help you get over “the slump”.

Limit Distractions

In today’s work environment, there is no shortage of distractions: Emails, Messaging Apps, Phone Calls (and that is before we even talk about the smartphone in your pocket). To better manage your time effectively you must take control of the situation and reduce the potential of these distractions to derail your workday. Here are some simple actions you could take:

  • Turn off your email notifications and check them at set times every day.
  • Only check your messenger app between tasks.
  • Silence your mobile phone and leave it face down on the other side of the room.

Take Breaks

Sometimes the best way to get something done is to walk away from it! Working on something for too long causes us to lose focus. Taking a break can help your brain refocus! Try a short walk around the office, go get some water make a coffee, do whatever you need to get away from your screen. You will find your better equipped to complete a task on your return.

Measure Your Time

Keeping track of your time using time tracking software where you spend can not only help you manage your time by identifying how you spend your workday, but you can also spot any wasted time and work to rectify this.

Want to better manage your time in 2021? Why not try 1time? Our easy to implement software can help you get on top of your time management, reduce non-billable hours, and help to identify non-profitable projects so you can stop wasting time. Give it a try, you can sign up now without a credit card and enjoy a 30-day free trial!

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