5th February 2021

5 tips to find your work life balanceWorking from home has become normality for a lot of people however with many of us finding ourselves coming to terms with another lockdown the added pressure can make striking a work-life balance even harder. In fact, the CIPD Good Work Index found 1 in 4 people feel their work interferes with their personal life, with Managers having the worst work-life balance and were more inclined to find it hard to relax because of their jobs. With over half the workforce finding themselves working from their homes we’ve put together a few tips to help you find that work-life balance.


1.     Create Boundaries

Ensure you have a dedicated workspace, separate from others in your home if it’s possible. Creating a boundary is important and can help to separate your work life separate from personal time.

If it’s not possible to have a separate room where you can shut the door (both during the day and when you finish), ensure you allow the space you’re working in return to its normal function at the end of the working day. If you’re working from the kitchen table for example put your work equipment away while you cook dinner, having it in plain sight may make it harder to “Switch Off”.


2.     Learn to Switch Off

It’s always hard not to be tempted to “finish off” little things in the evening, however, in a normal work environment, you’d have clocked out and gone home at a set time. Learning to switch off is vital in achieving a work/life balance working from home.

Try using mealtimes as a natural cut off point, put away the screens before dinnertime and don’t allow them to come out after you’ve eaten.

Why not replace the usual evening commute with a walk? The time spent in the fresh air is a healthy way to create a distinction between work and downtime.


3.     Plan Ahead

Achieving the balance you are striving for doesn’t just happen, it does take a degree of planning. Make a list of what needs to be done at work and at home during the week and allocate time to each task, plan for sufficient breaks and a finishing time for your workday.

Don’t forget to put some time aside for yourself too, even if it’s 30 minutes to read a book. Just because you’re working from home doesn’t mean you have to spend all your time working!


4.     Keep In Contact

Find ways to keep in touch with your colleagues both formally and informally. Many companies have started using video software like Zoom or Microsoft for meetings but why not consider having a video break with that colleague you’d have your morning coffee if you were in the office?

Outside of work hours try to keep in contact with friends and family as much as possible, schedule a call for the end of the working day and use that time to disconnect and separate work from personal time.


5.     Find Your Own Routine

Everyone is different, finding a work-life balance is not an exact science so figure out what works for you! Some people find the clothes they wear help them enter a work mindset, while others run in the morning to get them ready for the day.  Everyone’s routine will look different so try different things to help you find your balance. Think about how you work and what you need to get done, prioritise the tasks you feel are important both personally and professionally!


We really hope that this advice can help you achieve the work-life balance that is so important in times like these. Why not avail of our 30-day free trial and see how the 1Time Tracking Calendar and Working Hours feature can help you plan for a better work-life balance while today! To paraphrase Arianna Huffington, Success is not the amount of time we put in at work, but the quality of time we put in!

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