Project Management Trends 2019

8th May 2019

Project Management today is challenging but rewarding. Such a viewpoint treats project management as a holistic competence-based management discipline that is also being deployed across all aspects of society. While it is a growing and evolving area, it goes to say that having only the technical skills isn’t enough anymore. Here are some helpful insights on what’s trending in project management this year:

Tailored Project Environments:

Critical thinking skills and professional judgment matters more than ever before. Therefore, businesses are now giving project managers some extra space to be able to customize their own methodologies. Project environments are becoming creative and open for tailoring in a way that encourages project managers to make more suitable choices.

Mentoring, Coaching, and Support:

There is an increasing emphasis on gaining confidence and skills through mentors and coaches. To lead projects effectively and independently, project managers will be leaning more heavily on their more experienced colleagues to make tailoring decisions for themselves. It has been researched, that more projects meet business goals when project managers lean on the support of a mentor.

Analytics and Metrics:

Today, we have access to more insights, information, and data analysis than ever before. Analytics and metrics are becoming more significant for project managers to ensure the success of their projects. Now, it’s not enough to simply produce a deliverable. There is a growing trend on how deliverables can contribute towards the value to the whole business. In the future, project managers will continue to leverage the analytics, which will help to make informed decisions. The automatic transmission of a vast amount of data will lead projects that present a huge value add, which increase the efficiency of project processes. Therefore, the decisions on how to manage, will also be more accurate.


Hopefully, these trends and predictions help you to stay on top of all the changes coming up this year. If you wish to learn more about a time tracking software to help you with project management, try our free 30-day trial on 1Time Tracking. You can choose from any user base package with no credit card requirements. Try it today!

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