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17th June 2020

Time management is a relatively new skill in the grand scheme of things. Time management has been linked with business ever since the Industrial Revolution. The rise of factories and schedules created a need for a new relationship with time. Once people lived by the sun and moon, now we have minutes and seconds.  It makes you realise how new time management is as a concept. For a new concept, new technologies are the best approach.

Throughout our careers despite having laptops, phones and smartwatches available, many of us still rely on the good old pen and paper to take notes. During a meeting you will often see a pen and paper at the ready to take notes at the right time. Follow up actions and emails after a meeting have an unseen middleman in the form of paper.

For example, a lot of people make to-do lists in their notebooks or sheets of paper; but sooner or later, you will realize that this not efficient at all. Currently, most of us aren’t used to carrying a notebook around. There really isn’t a reason for that, seeing as we’ve all got note apps on our phone; as well as tons of other time-management apps. To do lists are often found on post-its and pieces of loose paper that will spend some time on our desks and then retire to the bottom of a drawer never to be seen again.

There is a common complaint about technology in the internet age. The complaint is that technology is a time sink that can affect productivity and even wellbeing. We can frequently find ourselves lost in a jungle of hyper links and click baits. However, an interesting trend is occurring with modern technology, in that the poison can also be the cure. Digital tools are now available for time management and productivity.

If used correctly, technology like 1Time Tracking can improve and enhance the way we interact with colleagues and projects on a global scale. With Client Facing Reporting and Team View folders, communication can be faster and more efficient. While technology has assisted with the improvement of time management, resource management tools have allowed for similar progress in transparency across entire companies. With easy integration and management of projects 1Time can help manage resources and time.

Keeping your team organised and motivated is key to successful use of time and productivity.

In comparison with time focused digital tools, spreadsheets are often the default method for many companies. While spreadsheets can help to organise procedures, they are not conducive to real time updates and collaboration. This can hinder effective time management rather than enhance it.

A new wave of resource planning tools might have you scratching your head, which is the right one for you? It’s important to have clarity on responsibility for assigned tasks and when deadlines are in place. Company goals can be shared with 1Times project data features and team plus individual view. This allows everyone to be on the same page, where daily time and project timelines can be logged for efficient time management. By digitising time management with 1Time, you can reduce the amount of waste, boost productivity and management your time more effectively. This frees you up to pursue long term and short-term company goals unencumbered.

The benefits are clear 1Time is highly flexible, designed to be used in whichever way that fits your company’s needs. To see for your self how we can benefit your time tracking needs try our free 30day trial

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