Time Management Strategies 

21st April 2022

Time is your greatest asset so it is important to plan it well! There is no doubt that managing a remote hybrid workforce can be a challenge. Building strategies that accommodate both remote and hybrid workers can help overcome these challenges and get the most out of your workforce time.  

Effective time management can simplify your goals, and help prioritize your tasks. Here we discuss some small strategies managers can introduce into the workforce schedule on a daily basis to help thrive in 2022.  

The Pomodoro Technique 

Francesco Cirillo coined the Pomodoro Technique in the 1980s after using a tomato (Pomodoro in Italian) timer to help him track his focus and break time. Using this technique of full focus work for 25 minutes, and taking a 5-minute break encourages your employees to work with time, rather than “against the clock”. The 5-minute break is used as a reset time. Stand up, stretch and take your mind away from the task. At the end of the 5 minutes, go back to 25 minutes of focusing on the task.  

It is recommended to take an extended break of 15-20 minutes after four Pomodoro blocks.   

Audit How you Spend your Time 

The simple step of assessing how you, and how your team members are spending their time can help identify what unnecessary burdens could be affecting your and their productivity. Is there a reason projects are not achieving deliverables and is enough time being allocated to each task?   

Having insights into how time is being spent during the day allows a manager to restructure if need be.  

Allow Flexibility in the Schedule 

Productivity can decrease by 40% when people try and multitask, (Forbes). However, working from home comes with so many distractions, and trying to find a balance of being productive but also managing life at home can be difficult.  

Creating a flexible schedule where important tasks are prioritized, and an employee can find a balance between getting tasks done efficiently, and managing their distractions from home.  

Tracking your Time 

Time tracking software, like the 1Time System, is built to assist a manager and their employees overcome the challenges of managing time on a hybrid, or work-from-home basis. The system can streamline payroll, client billings, employee work schedules, and more functions to support a manager.  

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