Top Project Management Trends for 2022

16th June 2022


Even though we have seen many challenges over the last few years, the changes over the last two years have seen many opportunities and improvements develop. Here are the top trends that are here to stay in the year 2022, and what they mean for project management. According to Scoro, these are the trends to keep an eye on.

  1. Hybrid Working Model

Working from home happened so quickly, it took dynamic project management skills to adapt. However, as we move back into the normal way of life again, many employees have opted to continue working from home, or in a hybrid fashion. This again, will need consideration on how it impacts the team and the team’s productivity.

Keeping collaboration throughout the team is the number one goal of a project manager. And the utilisation of tools that make it easier to work together when the team is in the office,

  1. The Introduction of ‘No Meeting Days’

Another trend developing is the use of ‘no meeting days’. Companies like Facebook and HubSpot have introduced such where no meetings can happen during that day, so as not to disturb and interrupt productivity. For project managers this could be difficult, so identifying how important it is to have valuable meetings on days that meetings can happen, but this idea of no meetings means to eliminate interruptions of productivity.

  1. 3. The use of Hybrid methodologies will give teams more flexibility

Although the agile method has been seen as the default methodology, Capterra last year surveyed hundreds of project managers and found 21% were using a hybrid approach of combining waterfall, and agile, compared to only 17% using purely agile.

The key is to find the balance between up front planning and being adaptable. Avoid sticking to just one approach and assess what works best for the team.


  1. Utilising tools that enable team collaboration

The rise in remote and hybrid working has increased the number of software tools that are being used. Often, employees can feel overwhelmed by the number of tools. This highlights the importance of using tools that have a range of useful systems.

The 1time Time Management system is an example of a useful tool for project managers to utilise daily, to help with team collaboration, scheduling, and time management for ongoing projects. The dynamic 1Time system ensures teams keep accurate recordings creating transparency for the client and the employee.

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