Time Tracking - Benefits for your client

18th December 2020


While we mainly associate time tracking as an internal activity, it can be a positive for clients. A company that tracks their time knows the value of time and therefore knows the value of a clients. Time tracking data ensures the clients that your estimates and billing are accurate, and the project is progressing.

Accurate Estimates & Quotes

One of the key factors for client’s decision to do business with you is the planned budget and the timeline they want the work done in. If you are using time tracking software for your work, the chances are the estimates you provide are based on previous data. Any chance of a sudden rise in fees is minimal and that you are aware of the importance of time, thus letting them have faith in your quotes and deadline estimates.

Accurate Billing

Companies who track their time can accurately calculate the total hours worked, meaning you can also ensure your clients are being billed correctly. They can also provide all the data necessary to show how clients are billed. This means the client can be sure you they are not over or underpaying you by having access to reports detailing completed work and their costs.

Proof the Project is Progressing

Clients like to know whether the project is progressing as planned, it allows them to see if the deadlines are being met and identify if there any issues which may affect this. Projects may need to be completed before other activities are underway as a result monitoring the progress of them is vital to their business. With time tracking software you can provide your clients with reports of progress and time spent on the project. Keeping a client up to date with the progress shows them you value their time and facilities a good working relationship.

Time tracking software lets you share information with your clients easily on how you are spending time on their project, ensures you are billing accurately and that you value their time. These factors all play a part in building trust with your company. 1Time can help you start tracking your time effectively and can not only benefit you but your clients. We offer a 30-day free trial so why not try 1Time and see how you can better serve your clients by accurately tracking your time and theirs. Sign up for your free trial here.

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