Top 3 Reasons to Use Time Tracking Software

15th November 2017

How often have you and your team felt overwhelmed because of work overload? Do you at times feel that you are forcing yourself to work despite the lack of energy?

Yes, it’s easy to blame your fatigue on workplace stress and having crazy amounts of tasks to do in such a short space of time. But did you know that perhaps the answer could be found elsewhere?

We’ve experienced changes in technology faster than ever in recent years, which means that you don’t have to work it out by yourself. Long gone the days of having to spend large chunks of your day logging in your time on a notepad.

Traditionally speaking, keeping track of your time with pen and paper may have worked in the past, but the world is simply moving too fast for that to be relevant today.

Nowadays, time tracking tools like 1Time Tracking will do it all for you. Let’s have a look at 3 reasons why time tracking is the smarter choice.

1. Become a Better Project Manager

As you continue to save time with the use of time tracking software, you can now free up your time to focus on the project at hand.

Using the right tools will enable you to estimate project costs more effectively, as you can overlay the project plan with the cost per hour which will let you work out the estimated project budget.

Ultimately, having your project under control while becoming more efficient and productive will lead you to be a better project manager.

2. Simpler Way of Billing Your Clients

We’ve all experienced problems being paid at least once in our lives.

Time tracking software has been created to make this process less complicated. This is great for both the employer and employee (as well as customer and client) because such tools would track the total activities per day based on the estimated hourly rate.

3. Avoid Distractions

Using time tracking software will help you become more focused on the task being tracked because you feel that you are being monitored. Your client has a clear understanding of what you’re currently doing, so you feel compelled to do it – and rightly so!

Time Tracking will help keep you on track and avoid those little distractions every day that certainly amounts to large portions of your day being wasted – unproductive breaks, unnecessary chats, or checking your Facebook every 10 minutes!

So why not take advantage of our free 30-day trial on 1Time Tracking? Choose from any user base package and NO credit card required!!

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