The Trend of Online Project Management Tools

18th July 2017

Nowadays, the trend of small businesses starting to move to a SaaS based environment is on the up. With so many SaaS providers with similar offerings, trawling through the internet to find what you need can be unproductive. In some cases, you’ll give up looking and resort to reverting back to what you were using before.

When it comes to project management software finding a solution that has the right set of features for your company can be tough, especially if you’re not really sure what you need. Generally, with project management software, you’re going to need time management, time tracking, the ability to allocate your resources and reporting functionality. These are the basics.

So, why are you looking at project management software in the first place? It is fair to say that nearly half of small businesses are still relying on using manual methods (more often than not…spreadsheets) when it comes to project management.  Of course, excel can’t provide a solution to all requirements and there is far too much room for error. (Check out our recent blog: How excel can damage your business).

By moving over to a project management tool that is tailor made to support this function, allows for better visibility and the capability to capture data which manual entry into a spreadsheet cannot.

Relying on older methods of tracking a project might be ok if you only have a handful of projects to manage. As they increase in quantity and size or your current projects become more complex, moving to an online tool will allow you to create a standard and automated process which will result in reducing workflow errors.

When it comes to project management software, 1Time offers three of the most sought after features – activity and time tracking, project tracking and reporting.

If you’re thinking of purchasing a project management tool – why not download our evaluation guide to time tracking software?

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