Time Tracking: Benefits for your Staff

18th February 2021

Time Tracking Benefits for your Staff

Effective time tracking is very much reliant on buy-in from your workforce. So how do you convince your staff that time tracking is a mutually beneficial process for both the business and them? This post will look at the benefits time tracking software can provide your staff to help sell time tracking as a worthwhile process for them to undertake.

Justify Flexible Hours

67% of staff wished they could be offered flexible hours with 40% of people would choose flexible working hours over a pay rise if they could only choose one. With time tracking software staff can show exactly how much time they are putting in and where exactly this time is going clearly. Having this information to hand can make justifying flexible working hours for any member of staff who’d like to take advantage of them easier, as well as allowing the work they put in to be recognised.

Effective Performance Reviews

Staff like to be recognised for the work that they do without hard data it can be hard to review performances fairly. While KPIs and Targets go some way to informing reviews, logging time spent on projects and client work provides clear detailed data and put staff in a position to be reviewed more effectively. With better-informed performance reviews, staff can ensure they are being recognised for the efforts they put in. This can mean they are more likely to be considered for bonuses, pay rises or even promotions.

Better Efficiency Levels

Giving employees access to information about how they spend their time on tasks, clients, and projects, they can make better use of their time by identifying where they may be wasting time and what works for them. Could some tasks be delegated to other individuals or would making use of automation result in a more efficient workday? Some tasks may be eliminated, without review how you spend your time you will not notice inefficiencies.

Time Tracking Protects Employees

In the case of a dispute arising in regards hours worked and how they were spent, whether it be between a client and a member of your team or a staff member and a superior time tracking offers protection. It gives definitive evidence of how much time staff spent on projects and protects against clients disputing billable hours. It also prevents augments about who did what and provides accurate records of time worked to calculate overtime payments staff may be entitled to.

I hope these points can help you win over reluctant staff to time tracking. If you’re thinking about investing in time tracking software then why not take advantage of our 30-day free trial, we’re letting you try all the features that 1time offers for free, to see for yourself sign up here.


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